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October Principal News

October 2015


Greetings Holcomb Families,


October already!!! We have been in school for over a month and all classes are in full swing. My favorite part of the day is when our children arrive at school. They are full of energy and ready to learn. In the past week I have noticed an increase in children telling me about their learning.They eagerly tell me about the book that they are reading or show me their latest writing pieces. This is evidence of highly engaged learners and it warms my heart! Our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction while also making sure that our students are enjoying school. I cannot wait to see the growth that our students will make this year.


Student Behavior Management- Parents may be wondering how they can support their child and the school in the area of student behavior management? Holcomb is focused on ensuring that all students have a successful school experience. This includes providing an environment that teaches and rewards positive behaviors while also redirecting and correcting negative behaviors. As the adults, when a student fails to meet the desired expectations, we take the responsibility on as our own to help that child find increasing levels of behavioral success. At Holcomb teachers provide clear routines and expectations for various parts of the school (classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, recess, cafeteria, etc). Kids practice these routines and expectations and teachers “catch kids being good” as well as deliver predictable consequences for common infractions. Our teachers also lead students to work together to create classroom communities through the use of classroom meetings.


When a teacher or staff member in our building finds that a behavior does not meet our expectations a student may be given an “Uh-Oh”. An “Uh-Oh” is a way of communicating to parents what behaviors were a challenge that day. If your child comes home with an “Uh-Oh” please take the time to debrief what happened and to reinforce the importance of following our school and classroom rules. When a child’s behavior is unsafe and is well outside of our expectations (hitting, harassment, possessing a weapon, etc) the child will receive an office referral. Office referrals will often result in a conference between the child and the principal and a phone call home to discuss the plan to correct the behavior and to repair the damage that it caused. In some cases a meeting may be called to further discuss the situation.


So how can parents help? You can support your child’s relationship with their teacher by explaining that school rules and expectations should be followed. It is important that children see and hear that their parents support their teachers. Communication is very important. You know your child the best. Research shows that when schools and families work together then children benefit.  Please contact us should you have any concerns, questions, or comments. Teacher hours are 7:30-3:30. Teachers can be contacted by phone or e-mail.  Our office is open 7:30-3:45.


We are looking for volunteers!! Holcomb is lucky to have wonderful families who help contribute to the school environment and to student success by volunteering. Thank you to the many volunteers who came out and helped at the Jogathon last month! It was a big success!


There are many ways to volunteer. Here is a unique opportunity that would make a BIG difference for our school. We are in need of volunteers to help during recess and lunch times. If you enjoy being around children while they are physically active and you enjoy being outdoors this may be a good fit for you! Please contact Mrs. Rhea at kelli.rhea@orecity.k12.or.us if you are interested in this opportunity. We also continue to need a volunteer to help in the library. ALL volunteers must fill out a background check form every year.  


STAR is a new test that we are using at all of the elementary schools in the Oregon City School District to track student growth in early literacy, reading and math. It is a computer adaptive test that is designed to give teachers accurate, reliable and valid information quickly. This allows teachers to make good decisions about instruction, intervention and enrichment to increase student learning. Students will take the short assessments 3 times throughout the year.


A few reminders:

  • We know many students have cell phones. Please remind your child(ren) that all phones must be turned off and stay in backpacks while in school. Should their phone be taken out during the school day the phone will be sent to the office where it can be picked up at the end of the day.

  • There is a stop sign at the crosswalk when you enter the parking lot of our school. Please come to a complete stop before proceeding into the parking lot. In the morning and afternoons we have many children using that crosswalk.

  • With the weather beginning to turn cooler, please make sure your student’s name is in their jacket.



October 15th all students will participate in an earthquake safety drill at school.

October 20th Smart Choices for a Safe Future @ OCHS

October 30th Family Fun Night and Annual Title Meeting beginning at 6:30pm.

October 31st Daylight Savings Ends-set clocks BACK one hour.


Best Regards,

Kelli Rhea